Refined. Reliable. Ready.

Adélie Linux brings the power and performance of source-built Linux to everyone. Leveraging the agility of Gentoo's proven Portage infrastructure with the lightning fast APK package manager, Adélie Linux allows you to have your rice and eat it too. Tailor-made binary packages with the features you want, optimised for your hardware. Welcome to the future.

Freedom over politics.

Adélie Linux gives you the choice to run your system your way. You can use the stable and powerful OpenRC init system, the proven Ubuntu Upstart init system, or the new featureful systemd. Because your freedom and choice are what truly matters.

Run (don't walk) everywhere.

Computers of various ages running the Adélie desktop

What you need, where you need it. Whatever you use, Adélie runs on your hardware. Adélie runs on modern desktops, servers, embedded x86 devices, desktops and laptops based on the PowerPC architecture, and devices based on the MIPS architecture.